If you ever feel the slightest inclination to justify someone’s behaviour that made you feel uncomfortable – stop yourself RIGHT there. … More #MeToo

Are You Experiencing the Holiday Blues?

December 1st has its way of turning your excitement for the holidays around and replacing that happiness with heaps of stress, scrambling, and frustration. This blog reminds you that it’s okay if you’re not feeling the holiday spirit just yet, and gives you advice to get through it! … More Are You Experiencing the Holiday Blues?

Surviving Society’s Expectations of Love

We all have a pretty similar idea of what love looks like. Letters, poems, grand romantic gestures and roses. This idea is formed based on the movies we watch, the advertisements we’re exposed to, and the ideologies that dominate the media.

All right guys, I read a romance novel this week so things might get a little mushy in this post. Bear with me, we’re going to analyze society’s expectations for how to love your partner. Let’s begin by discussing some common misconceptions. … More Surviving Society’s Expectations of Love